How to Delete Invoiced PO in AX2012

Hi All

Any one have an idea of how to delete Invoiced PO in ax 2012.




It is not possible to delete Purchase Order once it is Invoiced.

If the transaction is wrong you can do reversal transaction by creating another line in the same Purchase order with negative quantity with same price and post the invoice.

Please refer the below link in which the same quarry has been already discussed.,


Hi Pavan,

It is not possible to delete the PO after it is invoiced.Not even in 2012, For 2009 also same scenario will happen there.If you want You can return the material by using return order/ credit note/ negative inventory.

  • Krisheed

I disagree I am afraid - it is the reason you should write reports on the transactions and not the source document.

Go to Procurement and Sourcing - Setup - Procurement and Sourcing Parameters - Updates.

Set the field “Safety Level of Invoiced Orders” to “None” or “Warning”.

Go to an invoiced purchase order and delete it. [:D]

Hi Adam,

Unfortunately this is not working in AX2012. But for sales orders, it is working fine. Not sure whether it is intended change or is it a bug.

Hi Adam

Posting the screen shot. The setting are as advised by you. But the Invoiced PO could not be deleted. As rightly pointed by Santosh it may be intended change or is it a bug.


It seems that deletion is possible if some conditions are met, but they usually aren’t. Technical details can be seen in (class) PurchTableForm.deleteHeaderAllowed().

It still works

a) it is a configurable function.

b) meet the requirements to enable the delete to be processed


It would be great if someone can decode and let the community know what are the conditions to be met to be able to delete. To put this in simple words…please translate the conditions into “Functional language” :wink: :smiley: