How to delete change log entries in NAV 2016?

Using Nav 2016. Is there away to delete entries in the change log entries? I have 16 tables that have been configured to track entries. Wanted to see if I can remove all entries for these tables back 7 days ago.

I have setup the Change Log, but on the intital setup of the 16 tables I didn’t select Purge History older than. If I go back and specify a data wil this work.

Just want to make sure the data isn’t filling up database.

In NAV 2013 R2 the Change Log Entries can be deleted from Departments, IT Administration, Data Deletion, Delete Entries, Delete Change Log Entries… I assume it’s still there in NAV 2016.

You can enter date and/or Table No. filters. It does take a while to run and on NAV 2013 R2 offers no progress bar (because it’s a processing only report, number 510).

I would start with one month’s worth of your oldest log entries to estimate the time it’s going to take, then maybe do it in chunks of 3 months for e.g.