How to debug an RDP class based SSRS report in AX 2012


How to debug an RDP class based SSRS report in AX 2012.


Try this -

  1. Set breakpoint in the RDP class
  2. Untick ‘Execute business operations in CIL’ under Tools > Options and try running the report.

Hi Harish,

I’ve tried that, still the control is not going into debugger. Reporting is opened as usual.


There are few more things to consider and configure -

Hi ashish,

Refer this below site, its working for me.


1. In classDeclaration extend SrsReportDataProviderPreProcess instead of SrsReportDataProviderBase

2. Temp table properties should be

(a) Table type : Regular instead of tempDB

(b) Created by : Yes

(c) Created Transaction Id : Yes

3. In process report of the class add this line in Temporarytablename.setConnection(this.parmUserConnection());

then you can debug [:D]


Keep breakpoint keyword in RDP class intead of following all this process. and dont forget to remove after testing ur code.

  • Make sure two checkboxes of user breakpoints and global breakpoints for debugging is enabled in configuration .

  • Hardcode the breakpoint in process method.

  • Keep open the debugger as run as admin

  • Run your report.