How to deal with EDT with EnumType

Hi everybody,

In Axapta, sometimes you may have to work with EDT which have enum type, such as: LedgerAutoAllocate with enum NoYes, PaymMethod with NetCurrent. And you can not set the value directly with this EDT, but the Enum.

Like: PaymMethod = NetCurrent::CurrentMth;

It takes time to trace back to AOT and check that what enum type of the EDT. Does anybody know a better way to work with these EDTs?

Thank you very much.

Hi Khue and nice to see you and all the others in this new Ax. portal! [:)]

I totally agree on the time spent with these aspects. Some time ago I had created a tool specialized on AOT findings - that’s the Quick AOT addon posted in the Downloads area of the previous version of this portal ( It doesn’t yet solve this particular issue but you can extend quite easy by adding a new option for the Editor extension. Above that, the tool helps with a lot of other object finding and you might find it helpful.

I will also make the update in a “next release” [:D] and if you have other suggestions I am eager to find about them in order to develop a more consitent and helpful tool.

With regards,

Ciprian Dudau

Hi Ciprian,

I have tried the Quick AOT tool from . And now I know it came from you.[:)]

I will try to play with that first…

Thank you.