How to customize the price from the table into the sales agreement

Hi all,

I want customize the price from table (PriceDiscTable) into the sales agreement…Please help and give me advise.

Thank a lot.

Rainy Huynh.

You mean to say that you want to add a field(Price) from PriceDiscTable into another table ?

I believe they are asking how to populate the price in the line of the sales agreement with the same logic the sales line has

Hi AdamRoue,

Yes, that’s my mean…I want to fill price automatic from table PriceDiscTable when key in right data.

What do you mean by key in right data?

You should probably debug the sales process to know how the price is being set?

Identify the situations that should update the price.

Example: when item id is modified or related inventory dimensions are modified

Hi Kranthi,

Well note…thank you relay.[:)]