How to create this Account Schedule?

My customer has a report which rows are Sales Revenue, Costs, Profits, etc., the columns are Previous Year, JAN, FEB, MAR, … , Total. I find it’s quite difficult to impletement it using Account Schedule because I am not able to specify the posting date of ledger entries to get the amount of each month. Any solution? Thanks in advance.

Hi, You can use Comparison Period Formula in Account Schedule. For e.g. (Design your Column Layout like this) COLUMN Comparision Period Formula ---------- -------------------------------- JAN FY[1…1] FEB FY[2…2] … … You can play with Comparision Period Formula according to your need. For more detail about formula please refer online help.

Thanks Rajesh! I got it. Actually, I use FY[1] intead of [1…1]. :slight_smile: