How to create select button using SSRS query on RDP

Hello, I am new in AX Programming and i need help on how to create customized select on the dialog form, like the same default parameter on filtering for of the data. because the filter is not fetching the data to be filtered (e.g I want to filter Invoice ID and that will show only all the invoice id that i selected) I cannot post a sample of screenshot here. Please help me.

Hi Ivan,

Please try to use parameters , this can be achived by appropriate methods in contract class. Check for any standard set of classes (Contract, RDP,Controller) eg: PurchRFQSendContract,PurchPurchaseOrderContract

Sir Sushanth,

I have already learned how to use contract class method, but only textbox is showing and i need to type the invoice id instead of clicking the select button and the query will show up of which i don’t know how.

Check purchRFQSendController, the query which you provide in the class declaration is visible in your parameters dialog.


Sir Sushanth,

Here is the screenshot that i want on how to add select button for query for my SSRS Dialog.



I need help on how to customize this and need to fetch the selected data to show the correct output of my report. I am using many tables in query for my business logic. Please help me. :frowning:

same issue i am suffering from , I dont want to use additionally contract class and controller class for my select button .

i wann some query logic to be in my rdp class only . is dat possible?


Hey Ivan,

Can you please elaborate more on your customization that you’re trying to achieve. what I understood from your post is you want to show only “Invoice number” as a parameter on your "Select " in the dialog form or some thing else.