How to Create Same number sequence in different Module Ax 2012

Hi All,

Let me know how to use “CustAccount” Number Sequence in different module and different form.

You can update the same number sequence in other module’s parameter.

In general, it is not suggested to use a number sequence at two different places, because it can lead to some inconsistencies. What’s the business requirement?


Hi Pravan,

In ax 2012, there is a form under AR module named ‘DirPartyQuickCreateForm’ used to create new customer. But I need to create customer in a customized module and it is required to create a new form alike ‘DirPartyQuickCreateForm’ with some new fields. Problem is that when I call form ‘DirPartyQuickCreateForm’ from different module, number sequence remain problem free. But when I am calling a duplicate form , number sequence not generated. please help.