How to create purchase order workflow

Hi guys

How to create workflow for PO in 2009.

There is no out-of-box work flow type for purchase order in AX 2009.
It has to be developed.…/cc967389(v=ax.50).aspx

Ok kranthi thanx for giving reply…

i never worked on workflow can u please guide me how to develop a workflow in ax 2009.

You can look at the available templates, Example - ledger journals
Workflow development documentation -…/cc967429(v=ax.50).aspx
Please search , you may find some examples (…/))

Hi kranthi.

Above Links are i followed, but its not related to my requirement.
please give me any alternate solution for creating PO workflow

What is your requirement that none of standard workflow templates or developer document addresses?

I want create customized PO workflow in 2009. but here there no standred PO workflow ,
how can i create its very urgent kranthi please help me

Doesn’t the developer documentation explains it? Have you tried?…/cc641259(v=ax.50).aspx

yes kranthi i have done all the process

but here when i open purchase order details form workflow status bar was not appear

It would be difficult to say on what went wrong with out knowing what you have done.
What changes you have made to that form?

Ok kranthi thanx

here in the below link Zip file is there i downloaded that file and followed the same steps but yellow bar was not appearing. please check it once

Did you configured the workflow properly?

Yes i configured properly… do i need to put full CIL after the process which i have followed based up on the doc

There is no CIL in AX 2009.

Ok do i need to restart the services…how can get that yellow workflow status bar is there any other way to get

Not necessary. Do you have canSubmitToWorkflow method on the form? If so what does it returns in your case?

public boolean canSubmitToWorkflow()
return purchTable.canSubmit();

its return true

Can you also check if WorkFlowEnabled and WorkFlowDatasource properties are set on the form design?

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