how to create number sequence with date format and reset when date >= 25

i want to create number sequence with this format

yy=years = 15
mm=month = 04
dd=date = 05
xxxx = continous number sequence

example: and etc…

when date >= 25 number sequence reset into 1 and etc …

how to solve it?please help me.

you need to populate value of by progrmatically.

use no. sequence for xxxx…

finally concatanate both the values…

Str numseq = numberseq::newGetNum(NumberSeqReference::findReference(TypeId2ExtendedTypeId(TypeId(EDT))),true).num();

above line generate the Number Seq and convert your req date into string

then Concatenate the both string

static void TestCases(Args _args)


info(date2str(today(),321,2,2,2,2,2)+ ‘.’+“00001”);


// you can replace 00001 into your numberseq and try