How to create Language Module for NAV?

Dear All,

Can anyone suggest me the procedure to create a language pack/ module for Navision?

I want to create a language pack (*.flm) file for some language (lets say arabic), then how to proceed for this?

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Hi Dhan,

Well creating a language module is much more than just creating the FLM file. The FLM file only translates the captions in the application. You also need to translate the the captions etc. in C/Side. This is done by translating the FIN.STX file. And then there is all the help text, which also needs to be translated before you can call it a “real language module”.

But if you just want to start out by translating and creating the FLM file, then I will recommend you to use the Dynamics NAV MergeTool:


This is a good tool to help you with the translations. And you can also download a help documents explaining how to do the translations.

Thanks Eric,

I will try this and in case of any problem will post the query again here.