How to create dynamic filter on report parameter


I have created one SSRS report using RDP class and a Contract class in AX 2012, which shows some data. But I wanted that parameter’s which I have used for my report should be filtered dynamically,

Suppose I have 3 parameters

  1. Site

  2. Item

  3. Batch number

When I will select Site then second parameter i.e. Items should be filtered, and only shows Item available with that particular site. And when I select Item from that list, then only batch Id related to that Item should be shown in the third parameter.

So how can I do this by using RDP contract class.

Thank you.



You need a UI builder class,

look at \Classes\COSReportPrintUIBuilder\divisionLookup

Hi Kranthi,

Thank you, I looked into that class.

Is it a base class for my Contract class, Do I need to extend my class from this class.

or It is an example related to my query. If so, then which report is using that class can you tell me. It helps me in better understanding of its functionality.



No, that is an example.

You need to have a class that extend SrsReportDataContractUIBuilder

Thank you Kranthi…