How to create an Outlook task

I’ve N.Financials 2.6 and I’d like to know how I can create an Outlook task from Navision. I want to create a text field and a date field and, pushing a button, create a task in Outlook with the content from those fields. Many thanks in advance.

You’ll need something like; create (Outlook); task := Outlook.CreateItem (5); task.Subject := txtTask; task.StartDate := TODAY; task.Owner := ‘Mickey Mouse’; task.DueDate := 010404D; task.Body := ‘This is a nonsense task’; task.Save; CLEAR(task); Outlook.Quit; Haven’t tested this though. Good luck.

This creating an Outlook task from MBS Navision (3.70) seems to work great. Does anybody know how to create a reminder time: oltask.ReminderSet := TRUE; oltask.ReminderTime := TODAY //This is okay! oltask.ReminderTime := CREATEDATETIME(TODAY, 12000T); //This is not okay! thanks in advance David