how to create an archive in navision?

hello everyone. I am new in nav so sorry if my question looks too easy …

i have been assigned the below task.

my client’s DB is of about 50 GB. This causes two major problems: Slow response time and degraded disk Place (base + backup + test database). I want to have:

A basic database
An archive database
A simplified test database

What procedures do I apply? the archive tips from one year to the other (done each year)


This is not supported in Navision. And 50 GB isn’t really a big database, if you are talking about SQL Server.

can i split the database to make it smaller? for example to split the older information (on a database of 6 years) and keep only data for the last 12 or 18 months.

You can only make a backup of FULL database and then perform some/all of data compression functions in Navision, also you may clean up Document tables (tere are BatchJobs for this purpose, examine them and how they affect data).

After compression/cleanup you would not be able to retrieve detailed info about transactions in “compressed” periods and reprint / look at deleted Docs - that for a backup is needed, which you can restore (to non-production !!!) DB in case you need this detailed info.

However, as Erik said, 50Gb is next to nothing for SQL server - there are Navision SQL databases measured in hundreds if Gb out there. Maybe you would rather check out what’s discussed here about DB maintenance, if you’re starting to have performance problems with this relatively small db size. I’m almost sure nobody has paid attention to db optimisation in yoyr company…

What about going to Administration → IT Administration → Data Deletion → Data Compression. Do you guys think that can help in what he wants to do?

comon guys help us, since i am also looking for a way out with this and want to know if going through Administration → IT Administration → Data Deletion → Data Compression can help in any way…


If you need immediate help, open a support ticket with Microsoft. There are no guaranteed response times on forums like this, we’re all donating our time here.

I know Den. Still thanks for reminding me…

As said before, 50GB isn’t that much - we have clients with much larger systems and good response times.

I presume that the database is being de-fragmented?


There are a dozen other things I would do first before even considering any data deletion or compression.

Has your system been tuned by a professional?
What’s your hardware setup?
Native or SQL?
Number of drives?
How are your users connecting?
Has there been non-optimal code added (customization)?
etc, etc…

There can be many reasons for slow speeds, less data sounds like the quick answer, but not the actual solution.

Also Arvin, If your with a help desk I would suggest reading the PDF’s that come with the product cd.
They cover many things including how to make backups.
I would highly suggest your test database be on it’s on computer.