How to create an Approval Workflow for Custom Document/Table in Business Central

I have tried following the official NAV Docs from here but as mentioned on the webpage,

Data and code samples in this procedure refer loosely to a workflow step of sending a notification when a purchase header is posted. However, the procedure alone does not result in a complete solution. The purpose of the walkthrough is simply to illustrate the process.

Therefore I haven’t been able to create a functioning custom approval workflow for Tables/Document types in my extensions.

Can anyone point me to an article or any other resources that may help me with this? Any help will be greatly appreciated.



This is a pretty good guide from Chris D’silva - Business Central: How to create Custom Workflow(The Extension way) – Chris D’silva’s Blog – Dynamics NAV & D365 Business Central (

I came accross that one too, but seems incomplete? Like I can’t find code for creating/adding Workflow Template(s)