How to create a test environment

Hi All,

I am going to create a test environment. Please send me steps to do it. I am using a Microsoft AX Dynamics 2009

Thank you

If you don’t know how to install AX environments in general, please read the installation guide.

If you have some problem with your test environment, you’ll have to explain it before we can address it in any way.

Hi Martin,

We were having a trouble in installing the environment. We were sure that we followed the installation guide you gave, but still these problems were recurring:

  1. when the computer got locked, the MS AX Dynamics 2009 gets this error “Connection with the AOS could not be established”

  2. The database that synched was not updated.

Please help.

I don’t know what you mean by “got locked” and which computer you mean. Anyway…

Check if your AOS is running. Check if the AX configuration is correct. If you’re trying to connect from a remote machine, try it from AOS first. If it works, your problem is with networking, such as closed ports.

It worked. Now my problem is the database was not synced. I have restored my latest back up in my SQL server 2008 r2. now im having a problem in synchronizing it with my AX application .

Rather than waiting for somebody who can read your mind and see what problem you have with synchronization, it might be better to explain it.