How to create a report which consists of a total number of invoices posted in month wise?

What are the exact tables are needed to create a report for counting the posted invoices.and guide me how to interlink the tables.

Example: in Report number 109(Customer - Summary Aging Simp.),they are using ‘Customer’(18) table and 'Detailed Cust ledger entry’table(379) for getting the due amount for 0-30 days to over 90 days.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Priggy,
If you want to add this to report 109, then you would do it in the “FOR i := 1 TO 5 DO BEGIN” loop on the customer.
You set the “Date Filter” for each loop (start and end dates for the period). Then you can get the number of posted invoices by using CALCFIELDS(“No. of Pstd. Invoices”);

It’s completed now.

Thank you so much for your help, Erik.