How to create a Report using c/al in navision


I am a beginner. I need help. How to create a report for picking data from different tables from the sql server database

please reply to me the detail steps of this.

Thanks in Advance,


Hi Sami

Designing report is will not differ based on the database type(SQL or Native) you are using.

Your task is you have to get data from two different tables.follow the below steps.

Lets take sales header and sales line table for example

1.Set Sales header as your first data item of your report.
2.Set sales Line as your second data item.
3.Make one step right ineddation of sales line data item
4.go to the properties of your second data item(Sales Line) end give dataItemlink between Sales header and Sales Line.for example

Document Type=FIELD(Document Type),Document No.=FIELD(No.),Sell-to Customer No.=FIELD(Sell-to Customer No.)

the meaning of above line is

Document Type of line tale = Document Type header
Document No. of line table = Document No. header
Sell-to Customer No. line table = Sell-to Customer No. of header; you can design your report
6.Save,Compile and Run

Jerome MArshal.J

Hi Marshal,

Thanks for your reply which is helpful to me.

I don’t have the Software to practice. Could u tell me how to get the software on the internet for practicing this



You can download this software from or other microsoft websites.

Once you have the software you should look at the Application Designer’s Guide that comes with it. You’ll find a chapter on report design there.

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Hi Marshal,

I follow your task and succes…:slight_smile:

I have another problem…and let me tells the detail

  1. Table B with Field : No2. Type Code & Description2 Type Text
  2. I create variable in C/AL Globals with datetype Record with SubType Table B
  3. In Section Sales Header.Header i create textbox with Source Exp : B.No2
  4. Compile the report and when run this report textbox with that source exp no shown while in table B have data.

My Question is : why that textbox do not shown the data?


Hi Hendra,

It is not enough to declare the record for table B, you have get the record with a FIND statement

Hi Dave,

Example : show data of Table Company Information in report Sales Order…I see that report just only set in properties Source Exp.

Can u help how use that?


it might have CompanyInfo.GET; in onprereport trigger…