How to create a print button


I am a beginner, please let me know how to create a print button in a form. I tried to put on the button and activate some stuffs in its properties, but when I compiled it, its not working.

What do you mean by Print button?

Is it like in Posted Shipements form?

It’s under Payment Journal, I am modifying a form for Check Preview ( I used Form - 404) and I want to create a print button as I preview it because I replicated it.

What did you set for that new button?

Did you check Payments–>P&review Check button how it is working?

Yes, but the only button there is the Help button, I want to add the print button beside help button

You have to get new button from Toolbox…

Yes ma’am, I did it., but its not working when I compiled it. It saves., but when I’m Clicking the button., it’s not working., maybe there’s a code for printing a form?

what did you write or set properties after adding the button?

Yes, I’m afraid simply adding a button with the word “Print” on it is not going to magically print the form.

You need to read through the Development I course material. That way you can build a better foundation for developing in NAV. You can find that material on CustomerSource or PartnerSource.