How to create a new field


i need help, i want to create new field to showing result of multiply 2 fields (10*5=50) using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009


you need to create a display method on your table for this reason and use it wherever you need it. Schematically speaking, you need something like this:

display Real sumField1Field2()


return this.Field1 * this.Field2;


After you have created the display method and you have to show it in a form:

  1. you can drag the method into an existing field group and the field will appear straight away on the form if this field group is defined as a data group for any of the Group elements in form.

  2. or if there is no appropriate Data group already used in the form which would fit your needs, you can simply create a new Edit box in your form design and set the right data source for your field and your newly created display method as a Data method.

In AX2012 you would have a new chance to put the whole table onto a view and create a so called calculated column, which would give more flexibility in user interaction (sorting and filtering would work on this calculated field as well).

Read more about display methods here:

Dear Janis, thants alot.