How to copy The One company DATA to Another

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In earlier i wrote how to change the company name to default.ok now i need to know **how to copy the one company data to another company.**Because Now am changed the company name CEU to CEC.

when am opening AR module–>common Forms–>Customer Details it showing Grid is empty.Is it any possible to get the Data from one company to another.please Suggest me.

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for example, 2 companies. a and b.

if only one tables data will be moved:



SalesTable sta, stb;


stb = null;



while select sta


stb = sta;





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But i want UI option in Ax2009 Application,is there any setting for copy the data from one company to another

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Create a definition group in the company - from which you want to export data

Go to new company and import the definition group.

If you want certain tables data - Use Excel Spread Sheets.

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Could u please tell me where will create the defination group.In Administration or any where?

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Administration → Periodic → Data Export/Import

Create new definition group → See in the include Table options (for the type of tables you want to export through definition group).

Then export the definition group.

And import it into new company.

Thank you very much for giving quick response.Now i got it

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Apart from export and import in AX 2009 , Is there any another way ?

I want to save the configuration of company, its possible deleted all transactions of my new company.

Could you give me the way to do that?

In AX 2012, I believe this can be achieved by using latest Data Migration Framework (ver 2.0).

Hi Kranthi,

How this is achieved in AX 2012 ??