How to copy a record in a field between two different tables?

I need to change the Sales Line table depending on the Reservation entry table. If more than one lot number is used in one sale, i would like to create a sales line in sales line table for each lot number defined in reservation entry . But i am new in navision and i don’t know how i can create a new line or copy a field from reservation entry to sales line table…

And it is urgent if you can help…

Thanks for your help…

Could you please explain why you need to do that ?

In former Navision versions (2.6 and below) this was the only way of managing different lots/seriel numbers in a document.

The new way is more effective.

Thanks for your answer i really needed help to startup with NAV.

This is the customer expactation…For example in sales line table you can see a sale with quantity 1000. However this sale consists of two different lot numbers one is 700 the other is 300 quantity in reservation entry table. i want to update the sales line like this. i want to have two lines with quantities 700 and 300 instead of 1000.

Yes, that far I understood, but the question is WHY do you need this. What is the purpose of this decision?