How to convert foriegn currency value into local cuurency Value in ax 2009 report

Hi All,

In purchase register report i have one cloumn called Misc.Charges field.

In that field i want to show local currency values.

for E.g: i have four lines showing in that report first 2 lines cuurency is INR and remaining 2 lines cuurency is USD,i want to show that remaining 2 lines Values in INR not in USD.

In my case local cuurency is “INR”.

Any help would be appriciated.

Thanks in advance.

AmountMst amountMst;

amountMst (in company cur)= Currency::amountCur2MST(1(amount in transaction cur),‘ustd’);

you need to learn some basics …go to msdn library

Hi krishna,

thanks for the reply.

i got it.

Yes i need to learn the basics as im very new o AX. I have experience in NAV but in AX i have only 2 months experience.