How to Control F3 function?

I have a strange requirement? One of our client want to open a blank sales order form from Main Menu. He does not want to generate a new serial no. when he just want to view and he want to generate a serial no. when he tabs of to next control. We have some property at the form level, but that doesnot suit my requirement as this is inserting a record as soon as i open the form. How do i control all this functionality… Can anyone throw some light on this… Please Help me… Thanx in advance…

You can set the form’s DelayedInsert property to Yes, but then, the new serial no. needs to be generated explicitly upon request. What is your client’s suggestion on how to distinguish between “read-only mode” and “insert mode”?

Thanx Heinz, The solution you gave is quite interesting…but how do you generate explicitly. He does not have any solution from his side. He just wanted to open a blank sales order , when ever he clicks the sales order form from the menu. If he wants to go to a specific record, then he will select the list option and views the required sales order. But if he wants to continue to create a new record, he will just fill the records. How do i control this? Thanx in advance…

I am not quite sure about the motivation of opening a completely blank form with the sole purpose of bringing up the overview form… By default, the last record shown in the card form will be shown again the next time the user opens the form. So you will have to take precautions against this, too, which means putting some code into the OnOpenForm trigger, as simply setting the form’s SaveXXX properties to False will result in display of the first record when the form is opened. Now let’s assume you have successfully tackled all this - the form will always be empty upon opening, and the user may click into any fields he likes without a new serial no. and new record being generated. The user then uses the form to view some records, and eventually decides to create a new record. Since there is no automatic record creation any longer, the user will have to explicitly ask that a new serial no. be created. He may do so by clicking on the AssistEdit button in the No. field, if available, or entering a number by hand. He can then fill out the other fields. But what exactly is the problem of the form showing the last record visited upon opening? What good is it to start with a blank form? If the client asks you to do all this effort for this form, he will probably ask for you to change the other forms as well - and this means changing the way Navision is designed to work. If he pays you for this, well then… [:D]

As an alternative - why not have the system open the overview form instead of the card form? The user can then select the interesting records and show them in a new card form. If he wants to create a new record, he can just press F3 in the card form and fill out the fields as usual.

open a form (with edit=no) from the menu.

Thanx for the info…Guys

NO … this is a training issue. you need to train your client.

That’s right, always when a customer ask for a change, ask why he wants it. Most of the questions could be answered with a workaround…