How to connect to SQL server 2008?

I installed

Dynamics NAV 5.0 W1 Service Pack 1 Client
Client software: CsideClient50SP1.rar
I want to connect with my SQL server to store the databases there, and look at them throuogh the navision client.
(I want to store the demo database on my SQL 2008 server)
My option for SQL server is dimmed. Do I need to install something more?
With the installation i choose for the “minimum” version, which was already selected (I pressed next al the time).

1777.Screen shot 2010-11-02 at 16.27.40.png

You apparently have run the fin.exe (aka Microsoft Dynamics NAV), while you should be running finsql.exe (aka Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Microsoft SQL Server).

First an foremost - WHICH executable did you run? fin.exe or finsql.exe

updated: Luc managed to answer first [:)]

I used the installer from the .rar

Or should I look for something else?

Have a look in the NAV client folder in your Program Files directory. Do you a fin.exe and a finsql.exe?


I tried the finsql application (toepassing) but same problem…

Dimmed sqlserver option

I run the installer again, and clicked repair.

I got the following error:

Hi Ellen,

You said you used the RAR file? Did you download the demo from this website?

Then I think that you will need a “real” production license to use it with the SQL Server 2008. You can only use the demo license with the included SQL Server.

In regards to the above installation error, then you should try start is with the “Run as administrator” option.


I will go after another license, maybe I can get a free educational version (MSDN does not have it)

If I want to start trying for now with the demo version, do I have to install this included SLQ Server next to the RAR file (Indeed form this site)?

How does that work?

I don’t understand your last advise: What should I start with the “run as adminstrator” option?

…MSDN has it - in VS Premium and VS Ultimate subcriptions.

…the installation procedures. only Admin or user with Admin rights can update Windows system components, message in your last screenshot says your’e trying to update protected system files.

Besides - Erik was in doubt will you be able to use your existing SQLServer with DEMO license. You will, I myself used DEMO license even with SQL 180-day trial for demonstartion purposes for prospects.

I also installed de SQL 2005 management studio express.

From Naviosion I tried to create a new database and chose my standard SQL2008 server.

I got this error message:


No idea, what to do.

@Modris Ivans: are you saying it is possible to use Navision demo with SQL 2008 server?

If I open the SQL2005 management studio, and try to connect with my standard server (ELLENWINDOWS), it gives the message that I can not connect with a SQL 2008 server with SQL2005 management studio…

Getting a little bit hopeless and frustrated …

Oeh, i am getting further all the time…:

I managed to flag 4616 (via internet help).

Now I am getting this error message:


I am going to sleep… Hopefully some of you know more…

Tnx already!

Check this post for info:


I also found

and managed tow create the 2 extended stored procedures.

Now I am left with 2 questions:

  1. How to get the example data base of Navision into my SQL2008 server, so I can perform SQL statements on the example database in my SQL2008 management studio?

I have 2 options with navision:

In the CSIDE client there is a example database, in the other one not…

Also in the first Navision I installed I had 2 example databases/companies (CRONUS internatioanal, and also a CR?? Nederlands)

Now I only have the international one. No idea how I get the “nederlands” example database anymore…

4456.Screen shot 2010-11-07 at 19.35.25.png

The 2nd less important question:

  1. How do I get rid of the error 1931. I am the only user of my Windows, so I am the admin. What should I do?


you have selected fin instead of fisql. do the below steps

1.Click Start Button

2.Click RUn

3.Type finsql enter


Jerome Marshal.J

Oke, results:

I had an expert of forensics come by, and he made it work. It seems a problem with my users in SQL server, he changed a user (after 45 minutes of trying all kinds of stuff).

When I told him about the tag and the xp-ndo he said it was comon with Windos XP.

So maybe it is something for Navision to put that someplace?

I thank everybody for their great help!!