How to connect NAV2009 Client to NAV2009 Server?


I made a windows Server and a Client. I connected the Client to the server and this works, because I can successfully ping to the Server. Now my problem is that everytime that I run MS Navision 2009 on the client it says it’s not connected, and when I press ‘No’ I have to insert the server address.
When I insert “localhost:7046/DynamicsNAV” it says
‘A server was not found at “net.tcp://localhost:7046/DynamicsNAV/Service”. Either the URL is incorrect or the server is currently not available.’

Now what could cause this error and how can I fix it?

Thanks in advance!


What is the name of the windows server ?

Thanks for your reply!

I’m not sure, is that the computer name?

Or the one I gave during the setup at the Installation Parameters?


go to control panel and then look for system and open it.

under system look for computer name tab and click on

it. click on the change button on this window where you

find the computer name written

check it and give me a snapshot so we continue from there

Here you go!:

Is this also the server name? Thanks!

You should replace localhost with Windows server Name


Thanks for your reply, Mohana!

It still doesn’t work, I get the same error:

What am I doing wrong?

Also, if I ping that computer name I get 0% loss

Is NAV Server running in Windows Server?

For your Information, I just typed your server name

Please check the name again whether it should be zero or letter O

How can I check that?

The services are running:

(Btw it’s a zero :slight_smile: )

try with your domain also



if your domain is

You can check database name and port in config file which will be under

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Service

Open custom Settings file and check DatabaseServer, DatabaseName, ServerInstance and ServerPort

That still doesn’t work! Same error.

My domain is without an extension (so without .com/.local), it’s just a word like ‘dinosaurs’. Is this a problem?

This is what is in the custom file:

Sorry forgot the last part;

ServerPort = 7046

WebServicePort = 7047

Please check whether you can connect from Windows machine or not?

I’m sorry I don’t understand. Do you mean if I’m connected from the client to the server? I can successfully ping to the server with 0% loss.

You are connecting from Client to Server.

I am asking you to connect from Server to Server only…

What do you mean? I can run ‘Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Classic’ on my server, but I haven’t installed the client version on my server. Should I do that and try if it works there, is that what you mean?

yes, Install RTC in server and try to connect

also classic on client machine and try to connect

I installed the RTC on my server and it automatically connects there.

I installed the Classic Client on my client, but I get the following error: