How to connect and execute SQL scripts from AL Language, The alternative method without using .NET variable.

We are Microsoft ISV, our main engine is SQL Stored Procedure, We were using .NET variable to connect to SQL from C/AL Code, not MS removed .NET variable for security reason, Could you advise on the alternative solution, Like connect it through REST Web API with JSON etc… I could not get the proper document or steps for this.


You could take a look at the NAV 2013 image and look at the upgrade process from NAV 2009 to NAV 2013 - It uses SQL to convert the Document Dimension Table Records to a Dimension Set Id.

Hi Palle, Thanks for the reply, I did some research and red the AL Development MS Documentation, MS have removed the classic way of running SQL Script using .NET variable which we have done in older version same like the upgrade Document Dimension Table that you mentioned. SO I am looking for alternative solution.