How to configure overdelivery for picking?

Dear all,

Is there a way to configure overdelivery for picking? I know overdelivery is abled to be configured at Item Details but as far as I know it only works when posting packing slip/invoice and not when picking. I’ve set overdelivery on SO lines’ item but still it doesn’t perform overdelivery for picking but instead raises an error like this :

“Quantity 1.00 cannot be picked because inventory transactions with status On order, Reserved ordered or Reserved physical are insufficient.”

Is there a way to perform overdelivery picking? many thanks.



As an additional information, I’m using AX2009 with fullscope add-on.

I have no problem with this, if I turn on over delivery I am warned that over delivery is 0, if I set this to 100 I can over pick registration the sales line picking list.

So are you reserving stock at pick? How is everything else configured regarding stock?

Hmm… I’m using picking from sales line, inventory → picking and you, AdamRoue seems using from SO header posting->picking list registration. Am I right? If so, does AX do different method for picking overdelivery between posting->picking list registration and inventory-> pick?

My configuration :

Inventory model group:

picking requirements → unchecked

AR parameter :

overdelivery → checked

automatic reduction, picking list → unchecked

Outside of that configuration, I’m not reserving stock for picking.

That is not really picking it from the sales line. You are defining inventory transactions at this level - the pickign from the sales order is actually picking it, it is the process, that or sales order picking in stock is how you pick sales orders, i.e. get a picking list out, register it and then ship it. Your option is one way of manually defining the picked amount allowing the definition of dimensions, but this is against the line - you cannot over pick as this is always related to the transaction, unlike the actual picking process that allows processing elements.

Okay AdamRoue, thanks for your explanation. [:)]