How to configure data replication in Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1?

We plan to do data replication for Dynamics NAV at same side and we are using MS SQL standard 2008 R2 standard replication method to do that. We found that the backup server have error when access to the table which link with customer ledger entries /item ledger entries. and etc. We are using transactional replication. Please help on this or show us the proper way to configure data replication in Dynamics NAV?

What are you trying to do and why?

Hi David,

Currently we just have one server running and we backup the data every midnight. But in case the server have been down/corrupt, we can recover yesterday data only. We wish to have backup server in case the primary server down all the user can switch to backup server with updated data. Please recommend the suitable solution other than using standard SQL data replication method. Thank you

Replication might not be the best solution. MS SQL servers have other methods to guarantee “mission critical” operations - investigate towards MSSQL Failover clustering.

Thanks for your suggestion will try to look in MSSQL failover clustering, however the cost may need to calculate. Anyone have other alternative solution?

Log shipping is probably your best option.

Well… If that is not enough - my programmer’s past has taught me to evaluate ALL possible cases, never mind their probability to happen is next to nothing [;)]

I do not know about your region, but in many countries there are specialised datacenters, which guarantee their clients 99.99% up-time for servers located at their highly secured premises with independent power sources (generators in case of serious blackout), etc etc.

So you eliminate hardware cost and other expenses, which are really high and often unreasonable for one single company. Another plus is that your data is physically distant from your HQ - if an earthguake (or meteorite, or falling sattelite [;)]) hits you, your data is still safe. Remember - when there was earthquake in California, many companies lost their data irreversibly because both main and backup servers, as well as physical backup media were located in the same building…

In many cases it might be an overkill, but you yourself asked for other alternatives

Thanks very much for all of you suggestion and comment, will try to do the lab test on the method which suggest from your guys first will let you know the outcome. Thanks again.[:D]

Where I work we use a third party program called Neverfail which automatically writes to a separtate Navision SQL box. If our main box goes down it will automatically switch over to the standby Navision and the user never notices anything.

thanks for advice, we will look in this 3rd party program