How to check for the entire buffer/record in a table


I would like to be able check if an entire record exists in a table. That means checking for every field. Is there a easy/great way to do this?



One option is override ‘validateField’ method on the table and add this validations there.

How large is this table (i.e. how many fields) and why you want to do this? The other alternative is - to make all fields mandatory. All depends on what and why you are trying to achieve.

Found the answer, it is Global::bufCmp(record, record);

Hello Harish,

Its for integration staging tables. I thought about making an index with all fields and not allowing duplicates. However, I don’t know how to perform a check for duplicates on an index. If I went that route, I don’t know how to handle the index duplication error in order to use it to my benefit. To me, that would be the most beneficial route.

Still open to more efficient suggestions.


I found Exception::DuplicateKeyException.