How to change the order of fields in Customer lookup page in Business Central?

Hi All,

I am trying to display the “Address” field next to “No.” field in the customer lookup.

I was able to add “address” field in the “customer lookup” page by creating a table extension for customer and adding the “Address” field to the DropDown field group.


Now the “address” field is displayed last in the lookup…

How to move the “address” field next to “No.” field?


I read discussion about this point and if I understood correctly we can add it at the end only.

  • I wrote comment on GitHub “It is still not possible for Table Extension! Just change from “DropDown” to “Brick” and … Ups, errors…”


That is currently not possible to add a field in the FieldGroup between two other existing fields.

However, Microsoft is going to add it to the backlog of features.

Here is the corresponding issue on the GitHub:…/4412

Hi RedFoxUA/Oshevchuck,

Thank you for your replies. Is there any other way to achieve this?



Currently not - you have to wait for Microsoft to fix this issue.

Thank you !!