How to change the Exchange rate in the PO/SO

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How to change the exchage rate manually in the purchase order and sales order level ( when it comes to Navision we have the option to adjust the exchange rate in the Currency code , instead of changing at the currency exchange rate form )

I checked currecy code field in the sales order and purchase order , i did not find any option to change the exchare rate in the document / journal level( where Standard NAV has option)

Please let me know.

AX is not NAV, in the same way as if you are looking for Baan or SAP funcitonality it does not exist unless it exists in an AX manner. You cannot key in exchange rates on an order by order basis in AX, although you can on the sales order and the fixed exchange rate if you setup the system correctly, and the Purchase side is processed through by defining it at invoice, until then it is simply paper gains and losses.

I agree , as far as i know Axapta has more functionality when comapred with NAV , so that i am digging in to the system for the functionality what NAV has.

Could you please tell me the way to change the exchange rates for documents .
can user change the exchange rate in the financial journals ?

When comes to Purchase side , user will create the Purchase order , post the packing slip and post the invoice . So my question is if user does not know how to enter / change the exchange rate in the Purchase order , then how will user will come to know the purchase order value local currency correctly.

AX has more functionality across the system, it does not mean it has more functionality in every aspect of every facet of the system, there is a significiant difference here, if you believe everything good about NAV is included in AX and then some you will be disappointed.

You cannot change exchange rates for “documents” you change the system exchange rate, unless you coult the fixed exchange rate on teh sales order as discussed and the exchange rate on teh purchase invoice processing.

On the purchase order the purchase invoice will be in the foreign currency, the exchange rate will not be provided by the vendor, it is your exchange rate, so depending upon what your system exchange rate is it will convert this back to your home currency. There is no concept of fixed exchange rate purchase processing in AX, although at the point of invoice exchange rate fields for expression of the value in teh foregin currency are available, but you would need to play with these.

Hi Adam ,

Thanks for the reply.

You mean to say firstly user need to define the exchange rate in the General Ledger - > Setup - > exchange rate , that exchange rate automatically flow to purchase invoice . There is no functionality to availble to change the exchange rate in the documents/ journal level in AX.

Am i right ?

Not really

Yes that is the correct place for exchange rates.

As to documents you can set the exchange rate on sales orders and purchase invoices depending upon your setup, and on journals it depends upon the journals but you can define an exchange rate on the journal as well. What it does with it you need to test!

Please let me know the configuration / setup to set the exchange rates on Purchase invoices and Journals in AX 2009.

Thanks in advance.

You look at the exchange rate field on the purchase invoice and journals. [:D]

What about Free text Invoice?

In the View Header, there’s a field for me to change the exchange rate. However, the system stubbornly refuse to allow me to change. Why?