how to change product type from service to item

Hello all is there a way to change product type from service to item type, I have read about that before I have to create a new item , but the problem is the item which i have to change had an invoiced PO, therefore I can’t change the item number .

any advice would be highly appreciated

rename the old item, recreate it as a new released product with the old number - the old invoiced PO will be redundant.

hello Adam thanks for the very useful reply,

i still have a doubt if the old product is already created in released product ? is this will work successfully ?

after changing the old product number from

Product information management/Common/Products/Products

product number is changed there , while in released product the old product number is still reserved for the service item .

now if I add the product to released there is no update on released product

You cannot change the posted transactions, you cannot change the history. The old mistake will remain, there is nothing you can do about it. You can hide it by altering the released product number and creating a new released product correctly, but that is all you can do now.