How to change posted date?

Dear Navision gurus, we need to change posted date for a transaction. I know about the accounting principles, etc but we need to do just that. I tried to do that in the “G/L entry table” but received a message. Please help, boss is waiting![:)]

Without a developers license You can’t. The transaction tables are not possible to alter any other way than using standard functions in Navision. You will probably have to do it the normal (and correct) way


Originally posted by Lars Westman
…You will probably have to do it the normal (and correct) way

I’m with Lars. Is there an issue with creating two new transactions? One reversing the original transaction with the original Posting Date and the second identical to the original transaction with the new Posting Date. This should give you the audit trail you need and the results you are looking for.

Hi Denis! Try to change date directly through MS SQL Server, with Enterprise Manager or Query Analyser. To determine in which tables you need to change date, use standart Attain Navigator. BE CAREFUL!!!

does anyone need a codeunit which does that for ya? i have one …

2 ahed 4: Hi! can you send me this codeunit? Its interesting 2 see

Although it is something that you should never do, if you do need to modify the posting date, use Form 344. Here you only need to add a few lines of code, and you can be pretty sure that you haven’t missed anything. To the purists out there (of which I am one), there are some situations where it really is necessary to change the dates, such as when you post in the wrong century.

Dear ahead, please email the code. Thank you!


Originally posted by ahed4
does anyone need a codeunit which does that for ya? i have one …


Originally posted by ahed4
does anyone need a codeunit which does that for ya? i have one …

How much for it? [:p] Anna

its called “the blackbox” =) its build based on the navigate function so everything you fidn with navigate is corrected. and it extends it to Posted Payment Liens and Posted Document Dimension. … hmm. i dont seem to get any file attatched here as well as not being able to mail anyone … ill add a link here i’d contribute that one to the downloads if i knew how [;)]

ahed four, send it on my e-mail ( too, please :))

goddamnit [;)] it really seems that it was the time that someone wrote such a thingie …[:D]

Uhm… changing post date is a mess!!! You have to change all the occurences of this in all the tables related with the G/L entry (and there are really a lot!). So, you have to analyze the kind of entry and modify customer entries rather then vendor entires and so on… So, if you developed such a thing…test it! test it! test it! The mess comes out when you have to print the accout book sheet or the vat register… be careful. [}:)]

On a second attention, I looked at the ahead4 blackbox…really a pretty thing! For me, there are some points to review, the G/L entries have an ‘official date’ and the Vat entries got an ‘Operation Occured Date’. Both of these are used for G/L pourposes. Modifying only the posting date and the doc date can cause troubles for VAT settlement, official book and ‘already-printed’ balances. Bye.

didnt ever say its perfect =) it also may hang under some circumstances [;)] still developing hard on it one more thing: its ahed4 not ahead4 [^]

Dear ahed four, thanks so much for the code! let me know how one would use this. Does the type of the Navision license matter? I am having difficulties running the code. Denis Petrov

Now that we’ve found the… Allow Posting From { } & Allow Posting To { } date fields in General Ledger Setup … It has saved us from many Wrong posting Dates.

HR I feel the pain. After we had dates from 1967 to 2045 in the previous accounting package (DOS-based GPS ) Allow Posting From { } & Allow Posting To { } was the first thing we implemented. I have even created a report to update it in our all 165 companies once a month.

Blackbox- great thing. But pay attention for national features of your localisation. For example, Navision 3.6.04 RU has additional tables - G/L Correspondence Entry and VAT Ledger Line.

Understand that the issue is not technical, but a business rule. Once a user ca retrospectively change historical data, there is no auditable integrity to the system.