How to change from multisite to single site in AX 2009.


At Present we are using multisite feature in AX 2009.

We need single site feature so that same cost price applies to all warehouses. We have existing transactions.

How to change from multisite to single site.



I don’t believe you can deactivate multisite functionality after it’s been enabled, nevertheless you still can use just a single site. If you’re already using several sites and want to change that to a single site, the best approach probably is to create new warehouses under the target site, transfer everything to them and stop using the original sites. Trying to convert existing data would likely be quite difficult.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply. After I make Transfer the existing stocks from several sites to the target site.

We are facing some cost price issues in AX 2009. We are expecting same cost price in all warehouses for each item number. but there are some cost price differences.

We have negative stocks in several sites. So to make settle the negative stock in several sites.

I make reverse transfer from target site to several site.

because still inventory not completed in the warehouses.

After Inventory Close in AX 2009, Part Numbers giving message

item no : 65-72-S Transaction Transfer 021063_070, LOT ID: 01558697_068 Unit Cost Price can be wrong as the transaction cannot be fully settled.

Please guide me whats the problem in the cost price and how to fix this …