how to cancel reservation automatically

Hi everyone,

I want to set my reservation for sales orders for 7 days only.

After that, the reservation must be canceled automatically.

I set the number of days to 7 in the link: Accounts Receivable / settings / settings of the customer accounts / validity period (7 days).

Nothing happens after 7 days, the status of the sale order is still open (not canceled) and the quantity of the released product is still reserved.

I’m I wrong?

can you tell me what to do please?

Thank’s in advance.


The parameter is not to do with reservations, it is to do with the order. It also does not “automatically” delete the order, you have to tell it: You can delete all sales orders that have a deadline earlier than the specified date by using the Delete orders form. (Click Sales and marketing > Periodic > Clean up > Delete orders.) Nothing changes on the order and all the reservations remain, the setting is to allow you to delete orders that are no longer valid.