How to Cancel posted Drop Shipment documents


Drop Shipment method:

  1. Create Sales Order > Select Item Lines

  2. Create Purchase Order >Select Customer No> Drop Ship> Get Sales Order> System copied Item Lines in PO> Item tracking lines Lot No & Expiration Date

  3. Go to Sales Order > Post Ship and Invoice

  4. Go to Purchase Order > Post Invoice.

Client wish to cancel the posted Sales Invoice and Posted purchase invoice. Please kindly advise.

You cannot cancel a posted invoice. As you can do with a shipment…

You have to make a Sales Credit Memo or a Sales Return Order and - if the goods is returned to vendor - Purchase Credit Memo or Purchase Return Order.

I ve tried as below:

  1. Create Sales Credit Memos and post
  2. Create Purchase Credit Memos. However I cant copy reverse document in lines. There is nothing to copy.

How can there be nothing to copy. You said you posted the purchase invoice.

are you trying to copy from purchase orders or posted purchase orders?

I have found the solution to solve this issue.

Document Posted but stock is not deliver to customer.

  1. create Sales Credit memo > copy posted document lines> post

  2. Create Purchase Credit Memo > Use GL Account to reverse the Amount> post - due to unable to copy any item lines.


Hey Nick Yee,

Thank you so much for sharing this solution. I was also going through the same issue so your post is very helpful.