how to cancel a confirm?

hi, all!

How can I cancel or Undo a Confirm on the Purchase orders?
I created a sales order with dynamics AX 2012, and, i confirmed that data.
but, I found some mistakes, and i have to cancel a confirm.

Note : The Method is to cancel a confirm on the Purchase Order


You say purchase order, sales order, purchase order [:D]

You cannot cancel a confirm, if you have not sent it to the vendor simply delete the line, enter a new line, re-confirm, or just re-confirm you get the history of all of the confirmations then. It is a control mechanism to prevent incorrect orders being processed, but if they are they are somply altered and re-confirmed.

thank you for your help!

i’m late because of busy work. sorry :frowning:

i try again agin… but i failed.

i confirmed the sales order or purchase order. and it saved the dynamic ax 2012…

so it was impossible to cancel the confirm status…

if i find a cancel a confirm, i’ll let you know.

thank you, and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Try this:

Navigation : purchase order → maintain → Cancel

That would cancel the order, the request is to cancel the confirmation. You can reset the status to approved bby editing the line, but you cannot “cancel” a confirmation once a confirmation has been made, and in reality there is no need.

thank you, anas abdelraziq : )

i tried that method you said.

finally, i solved the problem. thanks!

thank you again, adamroue !

yes, i already know the “cancel” a confimation.

but, thing i really want to know is “delete” cancel status.

but, now i know There is no solution for this problem.

thanks you !

Still not clear [:D]

The confirmation is a stage in teh PO and it is where you issue the PO - there is no need to cancel this stage. If you want to cancel teh purchase order then the suggestion is correct, or you could just have pressed delete, but both have to be backed up with communication to the supplier.

I am glad you have your answer.

I have a similar requirement.


  1. I create a PO

  2. Add two lines to the PO

  3. Cancel one of the lines (by canceling the deliver remainder of the line)

  4. Now I confirm the PO. I dont want the canceled to show on the PO confirmation.

But the canceled line is showing on the PO. Is there any way to achieve this other than changing the system?