How to call .Net remoting object from navision?

Hi, if I have a .Net remoting object installed in another server, is it possible to call this remote object from navision client? Using tcp? Maybe something like tcp://servername:8085/RemoteObject.Calculator

Just to further stress that I have already develope the remote object. Just wondering how to call from navision. Is it via SHELL()?

shelby: Without creating some really advanced functionality (I think you would possibly need to use an automation control that works with Navision) I do not believe this can be attained through standard C/AL functions. If the .NET Remoting application is setup so that it accepts HTTP streams, you could use CURL to transmit and receive data and then process this input in Navision. The steps would be as follows: 1.) Write data to a file using FILE or OUTSTREAM or both. 2.) Send the file using CURL to the HTTP address 3.) Take the output from CURL and import it into Navision 4.) Process the data We have used CURL for XML integration w/ .NET applications in which we post XML data and then receive it into Navision! Works wonderfully!

Scott: are you using curl as command line tool or as automation object ?

Thomas: We are using the command-line version of CURL. I did not know that there was an automation control. If I did, I would have probably used the automation control in place of the command-line tool.