How to call a field method of a form's data source


I want to do extra validation when creating a line in the picklist production journal. When the program enters the write() method of the ProdjournalBOM datasource in the form ProdJournalTransBOM, I want to modify a prodJournalBOM field before I save it. But the problem here is, when I modify the field, I want DAX to automatically call the modify() method of the field in the datasource. But it does not happen. I browsed the net for solution. I found this:


So I applied the same concept to my code, (changing the ds, table and field names, of course), but it does not enter the field’s modified() in the datasource.

So my question is, how do you call the modified() method programmatically? Or in any case, how do you call a method in the field of a form data source directly in your code?

Thanks in advance.

try something like this:

FormDataObject myField;


myField = TableName_ds.object(fieldnum(TableName,FieldName));