How to calculate the net profit


I feel confusion while calculating the net profit in Income statement through the financial statement in ax2012 How Income statement will calculate the net profit it wil done automatically are manually we have to assign any ledger account.

I am prepared the format shown in CEU Company, But my doubt is here net profit/loss account is showing means manually should we calculate the amount and assign to ledger code to the structure or automatically it will take the net p/l, If it will take automatically how it will done.

Can any one tel me the income statement how it works in ax2012

You can calculate the same in Raw Structure form through Calculation element.

when you run the Closing to opening cycle the effects will be in the ledger Account.


Jinesh Shah

can u explain in detail

Hi Rupesh,

Probably the simplest method that you can use for testing your statement is including all P&L ledger accounts in a financial statement and building a sum over all the ledger accounts. This will give you the net profit.

If you are not sure how to do that, take a look at the Microsoft standard training materials for finance. There is one specific chapter that gives you some additional information about financial statements.

Hope it helps.