How to calculate TDS on Salary

Dear All,

Can someone tell me how i can calculate TDS on Salary. How the process can be mapped so that the result is as Below:-

The entry is:-

Salary - Db.

TDS - Cr.

Bank - Cr.

Thanks in advance


Preeti Sarawat


TDS can be calculated at the time of payment journal posting. Select the TDS NOD lines on the journal line. TDS will be calculated as per the setup in NOD lines.


first u have to create a vendor card for employee and then create nod lines for dis vendor…while entering the journal entry select the vendor in party no. field system will automatically calculate the tds amount for the same…


In Navision not possible for TDS calculation on salary bcoz there r no section of salary & salary is module of pyroll.

So you create employee as a Party & manage with Section -Other

Create a salary account in GL account.

In payment voucher create this entry-


Party Type- Party

GL account- Salary

Nature of Deduction- As ur behalf

Balance account- Bank or Cash

Then check ur issue