How to become MVP ?

Dear all,

How to become MVP in DUG?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Saadullah,

Becoming an MVP typically takes years of “hard and unpaid work” in the Dynamics community.

First you need to become active in the Dynamics community, here on DUG, etc. by helping out an answering questions in the forums.10 posts are not enough. You are basically going to “compete” with the other community members. But remember that quality is more important than quantity. Becoming a moderator here on DUG has also helped many people becoming an MVP.

Or as a speaker at the different Dynamics events like Convergence, Directions, Decision etc.

Having your own Dynamics blog is also a good thing - but having it is not enough - you also have a lot of people reading and commenting on your blog.

Finally you need to become nominated. Typically by existing MVP’s or Microsoft employees, based on your technical expertise and voluntary community contributions.

If the Microsoft MVP team then find you eligible then you will be asked to submit a detailed list of all your community contributions within the last 12 months. How many forum posts, how many blog posts, how many followers on your blog, Twitter etc.? Which books or other publications did you write? Where did you make speeches about Dynamics? Existing MVP’s are doing the same report to MS every year also and are equally evaluated every year.

I know MVP “candidates” who have been nominated 3-4 years before finally receiving the MVP award. So don’t think it’s something you become “over night” - the MVP Award is a small “thank you” from Microsoft for your “willingness and ability to help others make the most of their Microsoft technology”. It doesn’t come with anything else, no payment, no free travel, basically just the “honor”. So only do it if you’re really dedicated and do it to help others without expecting anything in return.

If YOU are considering becoming an MVP, then I will recommend that you as the first thing stop sharing piracy copies of eBooks from your blog!!! - that’s the most certain way not become an MVP. That’s just like stealing from your “to-be” fellow MVP’s! Most of the existing books on Dynamics are written by MVP’s (or they have become MVP’s partly because they wrote the book).