how to AX 2012 SSRS Data Source - DynamicsAXOLAP

Hi, I want to change the security settings for the DynamicsAXOLAP datasource which is the default datasource used by all the SSRS reports (AX 2012)

You can access this datasource from the Reporting Server, Select Dynamics AX folder and select any report

Select Manage where you will see parameters, datasource etc.,

I couldn’t see the data-source under the Dynamics AX folder. I created a new one and that also I couldn’t find.

However, I can select this data-source for any report.

What I want to do is to modify the “DynamicsAXOLAP” datasource. Could some one point me where I can find this data source?


False claim. This is a datasource used by just few reports that use OLAP (cubes) data.