How to avoid Duplication of Free text invoice

Dear Friends,

While posting Free text invoice, system is generating Duplicate Invoice numbers.

Note: In No sequence, continuous button already checked.

Please fin the below Screen shot, and provide solutions for the same.



Is it happening every time ? Does the number is shown in the number sequence list with status Free?

Does the invoice posted in the standard way or do you have custom code to post the invoice?

Hi Kranthi, thanks for your immediate response,

Not showing in status list.
Invoice posted in the standard way means? please explain ( invoice posted by admin.)
No custom code for posting invoice but we have setup number group for Free text invoice, i think that will not effect, please correct if i am wrong…
The user doesn’t have this problem earlier, Once GST has installed we are facing this issue.


If it is working with the same setup before GST installation, please have a developer to investigate.