How to Avoid Duplicacy in Master Creation?

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i am looking for a solution to avoid duplicacy in Master Creation, something on a line of Designing a form which will allow me to search & Create a new record on a same form,

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It is unclear on what you are asking. Could you explain further what you are looking for? I’m going to guess and say that contact management has feature that allows you to identify duplicate contacts.

Is this for a standard table or for a new table.

The primary key of a table must be unique in NAV and that will be enfoced by “the system”.

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What i am looking for is for Example How to Control Duplicacy of Customer, Vendor or Item Creation,

If a form can give me facility to search & create master simultaneously, if someone has developed some other solution then please share it with me…

Thank you in Advance once again.

Don’t know about India, but in Europe every company has its registration number, which is unique - if you have something similar, you might check this, as Name of company is not reliable - different people may write it differently (Company, Company PLC “Company” etc).

With Items its more difficult - however goods normally have either barcode, or manufacturer code, but its not that straightforward as with companies.

Hey Kanchan, Its not clear what you are asking for. If you want to enter data at the same time if you want to check whether that value you have provided for a particular field is duplicate or not. Think you have to check it with primary key values. In NAV each table must have one unique value (Primary Key), it will control the duplication of the record. i.e. if you try to enter lets say registration number same like the one you have already entered in your table. then it will automatically detects it, but if you are trying to check duplication of other fields in your table then you have to write some codes in on validate trigger of that field for which you want to check duplication. for that you have to SETRANGE using the primary key and check for duplication in whole table. If you could explain me what type of problem you are facing clearly we could help you Kanchan. I am also developing a MIS system which have to check for duplication in all stages. Regards from NEPAL

Thanks Sangam for ur Reply,

Actually i am facing difficulty in stopping Duplicate customer, vendor or item creation because in navision we don’t have searching & creation option at a same screen,i.e. user cannot search and create masters at a same screen, it has nothing to do with the primary key but with the description of the name.

If a user can see search result & create a master depending on that on a same screen than i think that would be kind of a solution.

May be you’ll have some other idea… do share it with me if possible.

i think what you need is more on the procedure on business operational. you need a SOP. a user, like Purchasing can not create Item master and create Vendor master. Or Sales people, can not just create new item on things they sale to Customer, and just create Customer card when recording sales for certain customer.

There must be a control who author the master data, and own the master data, and at the same time, maintain those tables also. But this can not be assigned to day-to-day operational users.

In manufacturing organization, data master authoring is in R&D or Product Design ; in distribution/trading company, it can be in Business / Product Development ; while Vendor / Customer masters are authored by Finance dept.

if users keep complaining about cannot find the item or vendor, means there should be more training on them - in the area of product knowledge, system knowledge and business knowledge.

thank you.

Hi Kanchan,

I think you are looking for something similar to Contact Search (Sales& Marketing>> Marketing>> Contact Search).

Have a look on that, may be it will help you…