How to ask in this forum

To make the forum as useful as possible, please follow a few simple rules:

  • Explain your problem with as many details as possible.
    If nobody can understand your problem, you don’t have a good chance to get any answer.
  • Use a descriptive title for your question.
    For example, “Change sales packing list date” is much more descriptive than “Please help”.
  • Use tags to attach additional information such as version of AX.
    Don’t bloat up the title with all these things.
  • Ask in the right forum.
    For example the End User forum or the Developer forum.
  • If you get the answer you need, mark it as the verified answer.
    It makes clear that the thread doesn’t need more replies and people looking for the answer will be able to find it easily.


I do not speak English

am so sorry

thanks Martin. Your suggestions are helpful for the newbies like me and now I am going to share a problem with you all