How to apply the menusuit level to classic client and rtc client.

Hi all.

I just have a confuse about the menusuit. As we know, when we create a menusuit for rtc or classic client, there are many levels for us to choose, But when I selected the level “partner”,“Country” or “Region” or “Add-on”, It seems the menusuit doesn’t display on the rtc and classic client. So how do we configurate it to let it be applied to the rtc?

Any suggestion will be warmly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Check your permissions/license - if a user does have access to a menusuite item it doesn’t display.

Hi Dave. Thanks for your reply.

yes, U r exactly right. But I just checked my menusuite, I think I have all the permissions to access the munusuite. May be the reason is that the level of the menusuit was not a prior one. When I created a menusuite with a prior level.The menusuit with a low level will be substituted. That is why my menusuite doesn’t display.

Any way, thank u very much again.