how to add Search Name Beside the English name in New Sales Order

i’m new in AX Development , i want the easiest way to show in the New Sales Order i want to add beside the Name , SearchName Field , i have the query that can give me the data ,also i have attached the screen

here it is :

Select ACCOUNTNUM , NAME , NAMEALIAS as [SearchName]


if anyone can give me a help on this ,i’ll be very thanksfull

Hi Akram, welcome to DUG!

The lookup is not overridden in any place and therefore it’s generated from fields defined in AutoLookup field group on CustTable table. You can add your field there. Note that it would have impact to many places in AX - if you want to change SalesCreateOrder form only, you’ll have to override lookup() method (probably for the form data source field).

i need step to do this new lookup

can you help me on this ,step by step

It was already discussed many times here, e.g. in how to write lookup method.