How to add new button on toolbar

Dear all,

How to add new button on toolbar in ax 2009, can any one help me out here!!

Thanks in advance…


Hai Valeru,

I hope the following link may useful for you [:)][Y]

Hai ,

The following link having Tabax setup for Ax 2009 it will useful for u.

Hi Naresh,

The tabax is a separate toolbar , that is used to open the form, tables which are used in current form.

But i need to add the button in the toolbar like save, new icons…




I don’t think tool bar can be modified. I believe it is managed by DAX kernel.

Dear Harish,

i saw some thing related to my post in the below link, can u advise me, how to do that.




I reviewed the URL you mentioned. Regrettably the documentation is not very clear. Particularly it is not clear which tool bar they are referring to.

But to my knowledge, as I mentioned the tool bar is managed by kernel. At least this was the case in previous versions of DAX. Not sure whether this has been changed in DAX 2009.

Thank you Harish,

Thank you for your information.

HI varelu,

What are you going to do by adding a button to the Tool Bar?

If that is not possible you can add a new toolbar. See into form - SysTestToolbar

Hi Kranthi,

we have a small requirement that sending SMS … for that we need a button in toolbar.